BigShots Golf is changing the stodgy narrative of the game

VERO BEACH — Taking a closer look has always been important for Dr. Bill Mallon, a licensed ophthalmologist.

It’s how he makes his living.

Mallon looked at an old property next to his practice and saw something different, something fun, something new.

He saw a golf facility without an actual golf course. He saw the future.

It took him more than a decade, but Mallon’s vision became reality six months ago when BigShots Golf opened in Vero Beach adjacent to the airport.

BigShots is a golf recreation facility that allows newcomers to the sport of any skill level a chance to play the difficult game in a fun atmosphere. Relying on radar-like technology that tracks the balls, players utilize 30 climate-controlled tee boxes.

“We have so many people show up who have never had a golf club in their hand,” Mallon said. “It’s their first exposure to golf. We are introducing people to golf who didn’t have that opportunity.”

Mallon is a fine golfer — he carries a plus-2 handicap at Bent Pine Golf Club — but he knows it’s a game of “no.” You can’t wear flip flops, you can’t have your shirt untucked, you can’t play music, you must have your own set of clubs.

“It can be very intimidating,” he said.

At BigShots Golf, the only rules are there are no rules. Players rent a tee box, they aim at targets, they play simulators, they have fun.


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