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You don’t have to be a professional golfer to have a good time. We want all our guests to have the best experience possible while having the time of their lives. BigShots Golf offers competitive GOLF GAMES for all ages and skill levels with our golf ball tracking technology. At BigShots, every guest needs a Member Card to play. Our Lifetime Membership is $5 plus tax. Additional memberships are available. If you are interested in golf lessons call us at (772) 979-4653.

Hours & Rates

Tee Boxes

Monday – Thursday10 am – 7 pm$20 per hour
Monday – Thursday7 pm – 10 pm$35 per hour
Friday10 am – 7 pm$35 per hour
Friday7 pm – 12 am$45 per hour
Saturday9 am – 4 pm$30 per hour
Saturday5 pm – 12 am$45 per hour
Sunday9 am – 10 pm$30 per hour

Games starting less than 60 mins before the rate change will have a prorated charge.
Hours and rates are subject to change.

how it works

Our BigShots golf ball tracking technology uses Doppler-based technology to track the accuracy and distance of each player’s shot. This immediately maps the flight of the ball path on the monitors for scoring. Players are awarded for hitting the targets located on the driving range. Choose from five competitive golf-simulated games, appropriate for all ages and skill levels.

Golf Games at BigShots

Test your skills at landing shots on a variety of island targets. The closer to the center of the target, the more points you earn. Targets that are farther away from the tee box receive higher point totals.

Knock Out
Knock Out

Earn points by hitting virtual objects on the driving range placed in various locations. The point value is shown next to each object. Items farther away from the tee box are awarded higher point totals.

Long Drive
Long Drive

Hit the longest drive among your competitors using BigShots LongDrive. The more accurate your shot and the farther the distance, the more points you earn.


Designed to be set up like a pinball machine, the golf ball serves as the pinball and the player earns points for hitting bumpers, rails and other objects. Hint: This game rewards players that don’t aim directly at the target greens but hit the pinball objects between the target greens.

Golf Courses
Golf Courses

Play one of seven golf courses directly from your tee box. Play with a group just like at a golf outing. Play closest to the pin or long drive on any hole. Practice with great statistical feedback on every shot so that you can improve your game.

>Kileen Castle Golf Club – Ireland

> The Rookery at Marco Island – Florida

> The Islands Golf Club – Ireland

> Windy Bay Golf Course – Fantasy (Tropical Climate)

> Kingsville Golf & Country Club – Canada

> Blackthorn Golf Club – Indiana

> Hammock Bay Golf Club – Florida

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