BigShots Golf in Vero Beach is fun for non-golfers, improves game for players | Laurie’s Stories

BigShots Golf is unlike any other golfing facility on the Treasure Coast.

It’s a step up from putt-putt and a step down from actual golf courses.

“We are a golf-themed entertainment venue,” said Meredith Quimby, BigShots’ marketing and events director. “That kind of takes away the intimidation factor that golf as a sport tends to have.”

This approach to the sport can entertain anyone, as I found during a recent visit to the two-story complex in Vero Beach with family members of varying golfing abilities.

My brother is a golfer. I’m athletic, but I never took to the sport. My 9-year-old nephews and 6-year-old niece are dabbling in sports. My mom and sister-in-law couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

Yet, we all had fun.


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